When you fake the work,
you fake the award.

Ghost/Scam ads are fake campaigns that are produced for the sole purpose of submitting them into award shows. Although the agencies may beg to differ, it’s a known fact that many ghost ads have never aired, or aired once at most (to meet competition regulations) and have no effect whatsoever on the brands they pretend to promote. It is estimated that 10% of all ads submitted to award shows are fake ads aimed at expanding the agencies trophy cabinet and ego. Help us fight this unethical trend and restore our profession’s integrity!

Read the brief, create a printed ad to promote this agenda and send it to [email protected] by March 22th.

The Prize: On March 25th, 2012, 6 international jury members will choose the winner, and a representative of the winning agency will receive an all-inclusive trip to Minsk and represent Israel as a juror in the Fourth International Advertising Festival - White Square. Furthermore, the winning work will be featured in Forbes Magazine (April), and worldwide on advertising websites, newscasts, and forums.

The brief is currently in Hebrew and open for Israeli agencies only. We'll be launching a global Don'tFake competition very soon! thanks.

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White Square 2011

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